Subsea Excellence Centre


The Subsea Excellence Centre in Ulverston is home to the worlds leading manufacturer and designers of sub-sea controls and connectors, primarily for the oil industry but now also servicing other offshore energy requirements. Tronic were formerly housed in a mixture of buildings around the area leading to inefficiencies, difficulties in communication and quality control issues. The new facility, based on an extensive review of the current operations undertaken in collaboration with the companies in-house architect and facilities management, centralised operations on a single site with allowance for expansion and potential change to product emphasis. The facility was planned to allow for ease of communication between design, R&D, manufacture and testing and combines the requirements of clean room manufacture with high pressure ballistic and high voltage testing. Alongside this the brief called for the creation of an exceptional working environment and the ability to use the building as a marketing tool in itself.


Feedback from the client is that it achieved all these things alongside plus 10% improvement in operational efficiency.